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The key to an effective customer service is focusing on the channels where your customers are. Know your customers and let them interact with you across their favourite channels!

Omnichannel is a great opportunity to improve your customer experience, if you collect information from different channels. Our solution can manage all your customers interactions and keep track of their journey on a unique system, using our powerful solution and Open Channel API on all social media platforms!


Thanks to the advanced analytics, supervisors and administrators can design their own metrics according to their needs and KPI levels. They can also analyze their contact centre performances through a list of reports ready to use, available for each enabled channel.

Analytics and reports

An automated outbound dialer that helps you to increase productivity and maximise the agents talk time thanks to the Preview, Progressive or Predictive dialing. Your agent will no longer waste time manually dialing numbers and waiting for an answer.

Dialer functionality

Our solution allows seamless communication with customers via multiple touch points including phone, web, email, chat, SMS, and social media. We have integrated these multiple channels on our platform.