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Voice HUB provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) consulting for every stage of AI implementation. AI may boost profitability by 40%, but 25% of CIO’s believe expertise and infrastructure are major barriers to get started. Where are you on your Artificial Intelligence journey?

Provide customers with a fast, simple approach to resolve support related questions and problems with built in chit chat. The Customer Service Chatbot helps visitors on your website 24/7/365. It can answer hundreds of questions instantly without the need for a human operator.

Customer Service

Provide a guided buying experience for prospective customers to purchase goods and services through the mobile or missing channel of their choice (e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, etc) using a product carousel The conversational commerce Chatbot helps visitors with purchases on your website 24/7/365.

Conversational Commerce

Reach out to visitors on your website 24/7X365, answers questions and finds new customers without the need for a human operator. It gets the name, phone, email of leads and sends it to you on any channel so you can close the sale.

Lead Generation

Augment your employees with an employee facing Digital Assistant. Couple your Chatbot to Cognitive Search across your organisation’s structured and unstructured information sources (policies, training, etc.) to better answer your employee’s queries.

Employee Self Service