About Us

Please read more... Our team is highly skilled in the voice sphere and can provide you business with any solution required.

About Us

Voice HUB was founded in 2018 to disrupt the telecoms industry and save costs that will greatly benefit our clients. We are a VoIP provider and Unified Communications company that’s growing fast. We enthusiastically throwing out the old methods of business communications and replacing them with a new, unique platform.

With previous experience working for corporate, industry leaders or tier 1 telco companies, we have often seen the customer experience and service compromised. At Voice HUB we are determined to abide by the values below to ensure we are different.

We deploy our business VoIP services with strict guidelines and requirements at each location to ensure we have created the shortest dedicated path to our core network to ensure good voice quality and control.

Our team has in depth knowledge and qualifications ranging from architectural design, contact centre, networking and open source technology skills. We simplify voice solutions and provide your business with a return on investment from day one. This is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether you are small, medium or large organisation we will ensure seamless, yet cost effective solutions to your business.

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